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Cultural Studies courses should be of particular interest to students specializing in Comparative Literature, Communication Studies, English, Equity Studies, Humanities, Women’s & Gender Studies and Sociology.

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Cultural studies courses at Athabasca University can presently be used as electives in most undergraduate programs, and may be taken for credit in either humanities or social sciences.

Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the ways in which cultural texts and practices both shape, and are shaped by, who we are. Doing Cultural Studies involves the deployment of theories and methods from both the humanities and social sciences in order to better understand the intersections of culture, power and everyday life. From its inception a central preoccupation of Cultural Studies has been to expose how the politics of culture work to privilege some and marginalize others. Over the course of its relatively brief history, cultural studies has broadened its mandate to include a range of different approaches and perspectives but the fundamental questions remain the same: How do we use our knowledge to change the world we live in? How do we make it a better place?

AU does not offer an undergraduate specialization in Cultural Studies at this time but there is a long-standing and successful Cultural Studies focus area in the Master of Arts - Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program.

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